Quick Culvert Rehab

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | March 2013, Vol. 68 No. 3

Bates said the first step on the project was construction of a cofferdam to divert water into the adjacent culvert. Next, an Indiana Reline crew, using a jet vac truck and 5,000 gallon water truck, thoroughly cleaned the culvert. Abel Recon used a 3,000 psi pressure washer to remove rust, loose metal, dirt or organic material. Once cleaning was complete, the excess water was pumped from the area. Heat and forced air was utilized to dry the plating.

Sprayshield material then was applied by a manufacturer-certified technician from Able Recon who first coated the top and sides of the culvert and then the invert. The fast cure time of the material allowed Indiana Reline to quickly reinstate the flow of water into the coated structure by moving the cofferdam to the second structure so that work could commence on it.

Bates said the project began the last week of September 2012 with two Abel Recon crews mobilized the first week of October and working around the clock.

SprayShield Green II is applied with a proprietary heated plural component spray system. The material application is monitored in sectional areas and by volume of material pumped through the system. During the process, the technician is protected by a Tyvek suit, gloves and a fresh air mask system. The crew crosschecks that the proper volume of material has been sprayed in the area with the disbursement equipment’s integrated digital monitoring as well as visual and thickness examination.

Quick turnaround
The first culvert was completed in four days. The crew then remobilized and moved to the second culvert and repeated the process. It also was finished in four days. SprayShield Green II's quick curing time allowed the newly protected structure to be returned to service immediately.


Environmental factors such as freeze/thaw cycling, vibration and seismic activities have no effect on the performance of the lining. Bates said the product is ideally designed for applications on surfaces that are exposed to acids, corrosives and other caustic elements.

Placing rip rap, concrete paving the inlet and seeding and mulching at inlet and outlet ends of the twin culverts were completed during the final three weeks of the contract. Start to finish the work took seven weeks.

Sprayroq products are manufactured by Sprayroq Inc., Pelham, AL.

Abel Recon services include structure cleaning and evaluation, structural rehabilitation, corrosion protection, chemical grouting, cured-in-place-pipe lining, and root control.

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