Record 42-Inch Bore Helps Connect LNG Terminal, Pipelines

Shared Risk, Cooperation Make Complicated Project Possible
April 2009 Vol. 64 No. 4

Pullback began on July 10 and, despite a minor delay, was completed just four days later and ahead of schedule. The entire project took just 56 days to complete and set a new distance record for a large diameter HDD crossing with 42-inch pipe, surpassing the old record by approximately 570 feet.

“Part of the reason the job progressed so well was due to the close cooperation of all of the participants,” Bell stressed. “The teamwork of everyone involved, from the owner through to the regulatory agencies and environmentalists, made this project possible.”

Bell also commended the tenacity and persistence of the entire crew, including: Joe Harris, drilling superintendent for LDD; Darrell Stevenson, project manager, Henkels & McCoy; George Doll, spread boss at Henkels & McCoy; and Wayne Logan, onsite field manager for Sempra Pipelines & Storage.

“This project clearly demonstrated how companies can help each other,” Machicado said. “Some workers expressed doubts when we first started to talk about a single drill versus two separate drills but by the time the project commenced, everyone involved was firmly committed to making it work.

“The project was well executed and ahead of the start of commercial operations later this year for the Cameron LNG plant.”

Pipeline contractor: Henkels & McCoy, 1-888-HENKELS,
HDD contractor: Laney Directional Drilling, (281) 540-6615,