Recycling System Designed For Small HDD Rigs

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2013, Vol. 68 No. 9

“Big mud circulation systems to clean and recirculate fluids for large drill rigs were available,” he continued, “but we could not find a mud system suited for the smaller HDD units used by our company, R Directional Drilling and Underground Technology.”


Comparing costs

Ottney said the cost of a standard smaller-size system varies from $70,000 to $95,000, and they require additional support equipment.

“The CMD-1600 is a water truck, mixing system and dump truck all rolled into one unit,” said Ottney. “It costs $148,000 (without truck) FOB plus tax, and employing it can save $500 to $1,000 each day drilled. There is no need for additional equipment, crew, or drivers -- the crew structure stays the same, and we replace mixing tanks with the reclaiming unit on a truck.

“Depending on the number of drillable days, per year a CMD-1600 can pay for itself in its first year and a half of operation.”

Development of the CMD system began in November 2011 with testing following over the next year. The first production model was released in February 2013.

“The prototype unit has been in use for 14 months,” said Ottney. “We performed several demos for more than a dozen companies in Arizona and California. Through this process we have redistributed weight, increased capacity, increased the ability to provide cleaner mud and decreased manufacturing time.”

R Directional Drilling – owned by R2S Solutions – operates 10 HDD rigs and has put in service two CMD-1600 units with a third to be added this year, and two more to be added in 2014.

Development partner of the CMD-1600 is Mud Technology International, Athens, TX. Ottney said Mud Technology developed and is manufacturing the system’s reclaiming unit and supplies pumps, electrical panel and generator sets which are shipped to R2S Solutions.

“We manufacturer the frame, finish fabrication, install water supply tank and parts, plumbing, electrical wiring to the gen set and pumps, install valves, rails and walkways and the sealed four-yard dump bed. The completed unit is mounted on the purchaser’s choice of vehicle,” Ottney concluded.

R2S Solutions, 602-908-1009,
Mud Technology International, (903) 675-3240,

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