Reduced/Zero Tail Swing Excavators: Equipment Spotlight

April 2012, Vol. 67 No. 4
John Deere 135D

The reduced tail swing radius on the 14-ton DX140LCR is just 4 feet 10 inches, and the 12-foot, 4-inch track length provides exceptional stability for digging and lifting operations. An optional dozer blade increases the machine’s outstanding lifting capacity even further. The DX140LCR is powered by a 108-hp, Tier 3 compliant Cummins diesel engine. It has an operating weight of 32,408 pounds with standard boom, arm and 0.51 cubic yard bucket. Bucket breakout force is 23,149 pounds with the standard 9-foot, 10-inch arm. Arm breakout force is 12,566 pounds. Lifting capacity over front at a 15-foot radius is 11,140 pounds and drawbar pull is 27,558 pounds. The DX140LCR boasts a maximum digging depth of 19 feet 8 inches. Maximum digging reach at ground level is 28 feet and dump height is 23 feet 2 inches. Maximum travel speed is 3.1 mph in high range while swing speed is 10.8 rpm.

Komatsu America
Komatsu America’s PC228USLC-8 hydraulic excavator features a reduced swing radius and rounded cab to effectively operate in confined areas. With an operating weight of 54,405 pounds, it remains extremely fuel efficient while delivering superior power and productivity. A heavier counterweight design increases the lift capacity above most conventional excavators in the same size class. The large cab provides a comfortable environment and the standard rear view camera improves visibility behind the machine.