Rehab Focus: Manhole/Pipe Coatings

May 2014, Vol. 69 No. 5

Parson Environmental Products
Eliminate the growth of bacteria that causes Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) to manholes and similar structures with ConBlock MIC. This is a liquid additive for Parson MH Liner and CA Liner 100 that is very effective against mold, fungi, algae and damaging bacteria. When added to the mix, the antimicrobial polymer that is formed keeps the surface free of excess bacteria and mold buildup. This treatment cures into a cross-linked polymer, bonding with the aggregate and cement to impact durable protection without migrating out of the concrete. 800.365.9023,

Infrastructure Repair Systems

Infrastructure Repair Systems Concrete and Manhole Rehab System comes in two trowel on applications. Chim-Coat is a scientifically formulated flexible epoxy that will expand and contract with changing temperatures. Infragard Top Coat is an epoxy topcoat for any concrete or brick surface can be applied onto damp or dry surfaces. Both products will seal and stop infiltration or ex-filtration. 877.327.4216,

Spectra Shield_refocus.JPG
SpectraShield is a patented, systematic layering of polymer resins designed to rehabilitate and protect wastewater structures such as manholes, wet wells or wastewater treatment plant facilities. A typical 7-foot-deep manhole can be completed in approximately one hour. SpectraShield has a 10-year warranty. 904.268.4591,