Rehab Product Focus: Manhole/Pipe Coatings

May 2010 Vol. 65 No. 5
Sprayroq SprayWall

Sauereisen SewerGard No. 210FS is a fast-setting epoxy material for use in municipal wastewater environments. This lining protects concrete surfaces from chemical attack and physical abuse, while prohibiting water infiltration. It is particularly useful for protection of manhole benches, inverts and other structures subject to very little maintenance downtime. No. 210FS has non-sagging application properties that permit vertical and overhead applications, if necessary. When cured, No. 210FS provides an impermeable, high strength, corrosion-resistant lining. Suitable for application over damp or dry concrete surfaces, No 210FS does not require a primer. 412.963.0303,

Warren Environmental
Warren Environmental 100 percent solids structural lining system for pipes and manholes provides a vacuum tight system that ties the main line to the manholes, resulting in a 100 percent reduction in inflow and infiltration (I&I). An independent study has shown that lining 12 manholes and their associated pipe reduced the flow by 25,000 gpd, saving customers thousands of dollars in treatment costs and preserving valuable wetlands. 888-5WARREN,

SpectraShield Liner Systems
Patented SpectraShield Liner is a spray applied, multi-layered, silicone modified polyurea system that is used to rehabilitate and protect wastewater structures such as manholes, wet wells, or wastewater treatment plant facilities. It is a 100 percent solids system eliminating VOC compliance issues. A typical 7-foot deep manhole can be completed in approximately one hour. SpectraShield Liner has a 10-year warranty. 904.268.4591,

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