Rehab Product Focus: Manhole/Pipe Coatings

May 2010 Vol. 65 No. 5
Sprayroq SprayWall

Standard Cement Materials
Standard Cement_coating.jpg
Standard Cement Materials produces cement liners that are pre-blended, high strength, durable and chemical resistant microsilica and calcium aluminate concentrates. These component compounds are designed to produce a concentrate with improved compressive and flexural strengths, lower permeability, and increased resistance to aggressive chemical attack. Reliner Cement is a factory blended, single component, high strength cement concentrate. This comprehensive, polymer-modified Portland cement compound is a blend of highly reactive cements, pozzolanic materials, a calcium aluminate or microsilica based admixture, polypropylene fibers, and other selective ingredients, which impart greater workability for placement. The cement is stocked in 75-pound bags.
Stop water infiltration or exfiltration in sanitary sewer manholes, at the cast iron frames, top to bottom and in the invert sections. Reliner Cement restores the sewer manhole’s structural integrity, seal walls and annular spaces around pipes and in pipe joints. It is fiber-reinforced to reduce shrinkage and cracking. 713.680.0482,

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