Rehab Spotlight: Remote Inspection Equipment

September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9
The Aries Industries LETS (Lateral Evaluation Television System)

Exporting your pipeline inspection survey conditions and displaying them on maps with correlated exact footage is now easily accomplished with the GIS module from flexidata. Features include: the ability to import asset details from shape files, personal geodatabases or enterprise geodatabases; import visual layers, including raster files; fill survey header fields by selecting an asset from displayed maps; automatically highlight surveyed pipes to get a visual of completed surveys in an area; numerous import and export options to enable the user to perform an endless variety of analysis and generate reports/lists; build a pipe flow layer to find the upstream manhole quickly; select groups of assets to create survey projects. The module provides a handy toolbar to use inside ESRI Arcmap to allow quick viewing access to pictures and movies files associated with the survey, including lateral surveys. Exported condition layers can also link the condition back to the displayed video for an instant review from ArcMap. 866.299.3150,