Rehab Spotlight: Spot/Point Repairs

July 2014, Vol. 69 No. 7
LMK’s Performance Liner Sectional process

Spot/point repairs by LMK Technologies, Logiball, Ratech Electronics, Infrastructure Repair Systems, Perma-Liner Industries, AMerik Engineering and Masterliner.

LMK Technologies
LMK’s Performance Liner Sectional process renews pipes from 6 to 42 inches in diameter and in continuous lengths up to 50 feet. The liner can be inverted anywhere in the pipe with no trimming or cutting. The result is a structural, root proof, water-tight seal. Performance Liner Sectional conforms 100 percent to ASTM F2599-11. Gasket sealing technology is used at the terminating points of the liner by embedding LMK patented Insignia Hydrophilic O-Rings. 815.433.1275,

Logiball manufactures a complete line of sleeve installers (push or pull) used for sectional CIPP repairs in lateral lines, multi-size flow thru installers for sectional CIPP repairs in mainlines and sleeve installers for the installation of mechanical locking sleeves. All Logiball Sleeve Installers are made of reinforced rubber and can be factory repaired for a fraction of the cost. 800.246.5988,

Ratech Electronics
The Snap Lock system uses a repair module with a specially designed rubber seal that guarantees a leak-proof interface with the defective section of pipe. The seal is supported by a corrosion-resistant stainless steel sleeve, and is pressed against the pipe wall by the circumferential extension of the sleeve. The installation process locks the Snap Lock module permanently in position. The repair module is made of a cylindrical stainless steel sleeve surrounded by an outer sleeve of rubber. The stainless steel has a high durability and a resistance to most chemicals including hydrogen sulphide. The outer sleeve of buadienstryene rubber is also chemically resistant. Hydrophilic rubber bonded to the outer sleeve expands up to 300 percent in the presence of water, ensuring a completely watertight repair. 800.461.9200,