Rehab Spotlight: Trenchless Pipe Replacement

October 2010 Vol. 65 No. 10
Ditch Witch's PR100 pipe bursting system

Push Technology

Tenbusch manufactures a line of trenchless equipment that allows the local contractor or city crew to replace or upsize existing old pipe (water or sewer). The Tenbusch Insertion Method (TIM) system utilizes several rigid pipe materials including - clay, ductile iron, polycrete, Hobas pipe, steel and stainless steel. The equipment is all hydraulic and uses no percussion. This patented trenchless process requires small entrance/exit pits. Tenbusch manufactures a number of different jacking units to accommodate a range of piping materials and sizes as well as specific job site conditions (including a jacking unit that works from within a standard manhole). The equipment comes as a complete package, including hydraulic power units using environmentally safe hydraulic oil and lubricant systems that are matched to the jacking units. 972.221.2304,

Nowak Pipe Reaming
Pipe Reaming

The InneReam system places no undue stress on nearby fragile structures or paving during the installation process, consequently it also reduces stress on the installer. The system provides for the removal of existing VCP, PVC, AC, reinforced (Class II and III) or non reinforced concrete pipe, and the simultaneous replacement with an HDPE , PVC or restrained joint ductile iron pipe of equal or larger diameter, double diameter replacement being the practical maximum upsize. Removal of the in-place pipe is accomplished by back reaming using a directional drilling machine with a cutter head that reduces the existing pipe to small pieces which are carried along with other excess particles by the drilling fluid to an extraction point. 316.794.8898,