Rehab Under The Runways: EcoCast Technology Matched Project Demands At Cecil Airport

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | July 2013, Vol. 68, No. 7

IPR/PM Construction was the prime contractor for the project to rehabilitate the four storm water pipes with diameters of 54, 60, and 66 inches. Some sections contained multiple diameters of pipe, said Matt Werth, IPR/PM Construction Florida general manager.

Originally specified for sliplining, Werth said IPR presented EcoCast as an alternative based its application versatility, its smaller footprint requirement, compliance with height restrictions, fast installation time and less impact on the Cecil Airport customers.

The first step in the process was inspection of the pipe, pressure washing to remove sediment and loose debris and filling water intrusions and any voids in the existing pipe.

The footprint for equipment to make the EcoCast installations was small -- less than 200 square feet.

“The only things needed on the ground were a hopper, a temperature-controlled water supply for mixing the material and service trucks -- everything else is done underground,” said Werth. “IPR’s EcoCast liner is applied by spinning spray heads mounted on a proprietary sled.”

The system’s pump delivers material at a consistent rate and pressure, and has multiple alarms that detect too little material at the pump or too much material in the mixing bin. The patent-pending oscillating spin cast assembly applies a consistent amount of material to pipe walls, and the product’s inherent physical and chemical properties allow for a quick cure cycle.

The sled is lowered through a standard size-manhole in two sections; then quickly assembled inside the pipe. The sled itself is approximately four-feet long by three-feet high, and 2½-feet wide at the base and is pulled through the pipe by a dual-capstan winch.


The thickness of the EcoCast material is controlled by the amount of material applied and the speed of the sled through the section of pipe, Werth said. Specifications called for a lining thickness similar to a CIPP liner which is required for a typical gravity storm water line.

Quick turnaround
Most storm drain pipes can be returned to service within 24 hours of the application, Werth pointed out. When fully cured, EcoCast lining is fully structural, corrosion resistant and eco-friendly. It was the first time EcoCast was used at Cecil Airport.

Start to finish, rehabilitation of the four runs of drainage pipe took seven weeks.

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