Rehab Under The Runways: EcoCast Technology Matched Project Demands At Cecil Airport

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | July 2013, Vol. 68, No. 7

As with any construction on an airport, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Cecil Airport regulations controlled access and construction procedures on the work site.

“Prior to the start of construction,” Werth said, “IPR personnel received one week of training on safety, security and airport protocol by Jacksonville Aviation Authority personnel. Each work area was secured and marked, and we were careful to follow all required guidelines and procedures.”

EcoCast is a product of IPR/PM Construction and its development partner GeoTree Technologies. It is marketed as a proprietary system combining advanced application equipment with a custom-formulated geopolymer, specifically designed for consistent application and long-term performance. Werth said EcoCast is promoted as the industry’s first “green" geopolymer liner based on its unique combination of environmentally safe materials, small construction footprint, faster installation and less equipment requirements -- all of which reduce the overall carbon footprint of the job.

EcoCast has high compressive strength, extremely high modulus of elasticity and high bond strengths with the ability to flow through long lengths of pipe, work in a wide range of temperatures and cures in a matter of hours.

“We were extremely pleased with this project,” concluded Werth, “Considering the importance of the airport to the industry and the requirements of the work environment, it is satisfying to complete this project quickly, safely and without disrupting the operations of the facility’s large commercial airline customers.”

Based in The Woodlands, TX, IPR/PM Construction is one of the nation’s largest trenchless rehabilitation contractors, providing a comprehensive portfolio of services including CIPP installation, sliplining, pipe bursting, pipe inspection and cleaning, construction management and EcoCast rehabilitation.

Established in 1941 as a Naval Auxiliary Air Station to train military pilots, Cecil Airport’s original Hanger 13, dating from 1942, houses the Department of Homeland Security and is the base of aviation operations for the U.S. Coast Guard. Since the Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) acquired the airport in 1999, the facility has grown significantly. Jacksonville JetPort Inc. provides aviation services to the tenants and operators of the airport and recently completed the construction of a new 14,500 square foot corporate hangar, the fifth new hangar since JAA became the owner.

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