Rehabilitating A New Sewer: Village of Bradley Eliminates I&I With Chemical Grouting

By Thomas Woods | March 2013, Vol. 68 No. 3

Good to go
This interceptor feeds directly into a lift station, so the village could precisely monitor the daily flows. Before the grouting project, daily flows during wet weather were more than a million gallons. After grouting? “During a recent a storm,” says Williams, “we recorded 515,939 gallons -- just about half.” Williams says this cut in flow began immediately after grouting and has held up well. He considers the project a complete success.

Total cost of grouting was about $85,000, much of which was covered by a state grant. “I’m grateful that there was money out there for this,” Williams says, “People tend to think of police and fire programs when they think about municipal grants, but there is sometimes money available for infrastructure -- villages should be sure to look into it.”

It was certainly a good use of the funds. The project will pay for itself quickly just in lowered electrical and treatment costs. Currently, Bradley’s sewage is treated by a separate agency at the Kankakee Wastewater Treatment Plant, operated by the Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency (KRMA). “KRMA called us up after the project, and asked what was going on,” says Williams, “They’d noticed the reduction -- I have to admit, it was pretty sweet getting that call.”

Like any municipality, Bradley is struggling to keep up with needed infrastructure maintenance in a time of limited budgets. Having to cope, suddenly, with a badly failing piece of nearly new sewer could have been a disheartening disaster. But by calmly considering their options, identifying funding and choosing a practical, low-cost repair method that was appropriate for the situation, the village avoided a budget-wrecking expense. In fact, when all costs are considered, they may even have come out ahead.

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