RehabZone Wows Again

March 2012, Vol. 67 No. 3

Steve Palmer, Hill Services, Memphis, TN: “Going through the RehabZone, I really loved the history lesson with exhibits and photos and I found a lot of information about products and technologies available today. Now I’m going to go to the various booths and get more technical information.” Hill Services is a contractor performing cleaning and relining work.

Kirk Obst, distribution systems engineering, Austin Water Utility, Austin, TX: “I enjoyed the RehabZone, particularly the exhibits of old pipes and system technologies that have taken us to where we are today.”

John Morgan, manager/special projects group, Citizens Energy Group, Indianapolis, IN: “Just came through the RehabZone. Very impressive! I learned much of the history about an industry I’ve been working in for years. I hadn’t really looked at the history before, and there is so much information about the way sewers were years ago and the equipment used then. There’s a lot of knowledge to gain, and the RehabZone continues to improve.”

David Fergens, Texas Water Development Board, San Antonio, TX: “The RehabZone is very informative with history going way back and how things have changed to the technologies we use now. Displays were great and provided excellent information.”

Larry Slaven, Ph.D., Outside Plant Consulting Services, Rockaway, NJ: “I’m an independent consultant, and I’ve been coming to UCT for years. I particularly enjoy going through the exhibits, and the RehabZone is always enjoyable. It shows the history of underground systems and as you go through the stations, you get a nice outline of repair and replacement methods.”

Information about the RehabZone is available on its new web site ( Hermes said the RehabZone also has a Facebook page with news, photos and videos, and it has a presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The RehabZone is sponsored by NASSCO in cooperation with the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Trenchless Installation of Pipelines and Pipeline Infrastructure Systems technical committee, the Water Environment Federation’s Collection System Committee and Underground Construction magazine. It is funded by sponsoring organizations and participating companies.

As mentioned earlier, Hermes served as RehabZone chairperson. She is president of WBE Dorcas Inc. Guy Leslie, southern area sales manager for Rapidview, was co-chairperson of the ’Zone. It is the second year Hermes and Leslie have served in those capacities.

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