Report urges adding water systems to U.S. infrastructure challenges

July 2010 Vol. 65 No. 7

Of the 14 metro areas in the report, all but three – Minneapolis/St. Paul, Philadelphia, and Atlanta – have specific conservation programs in place, indicating that many local governments are actively seeking a change in consumer behavior. However, each of the areas also faces numerous challenges including old pipes, uncertain water supply and struggles with regional cooperation. Los Angeles was the only city cited as facing all three obstacles, making its water problems particularly urgent. Infrastructure 2010 holds up Australia as a model for water conservation, stormwater capture and recycling, as well as more condensed land development practices, using a combination of basic and sophisticated techniques that could be applied in U.S. cities and others globally. Residents pay $3.87 per cubic meter for water in Sydney; in Los Angeles, they pay $2.21.

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