Research Needs, Options Before Purchasing A Mud Recycler

By Jan Wadsworth | June 2012, Vol. 67 No. 6

If this your first experience with a recycler, your crew will need some help and training. The Owner’s Manual is a great source of information but there will be times when experienced technical support could make the difference in being operational and being “down.” Check to see what type of training and support the manufacturer offers.

What about parts? Does the manufacturer carry the necessary parts that you will need for your job, regular maintenance or repairs or will you have to find them on your own? It is better to know beforehand rather than when you are in a remote area drilling.

What type of warranty does the manufacturer offer? Just like any other big purchase, you want to protect your investment and be assured that the manufacturer stands behind what they sell.

Once you have completed your research, if you are still not sure, rent. Renting is the best way to find out if a recycler is what you need and want. Not to mention it will also give you a better insight into what you want in a recycler.

Remember, you want it to suite your needs.

About the author: Jan Wadsworth is with Mud Technology International,, (866) 675-3240.