Right Time, Right Opportunity For New NASSCO Executive Director

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2011 Vol. 66 No. 1

Ted DeBoda took over as executive director of NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) in August 2010 and has settled in quickly, managing on-going association programs and looking ahead to the challenges of the future.

NASSCO is a national organization comprised of several hundred members representing rehabilitation industry manufacturers and suppliers, municipalities and utility districts, engineers and contracting firms.

For many trade associations, the transition to a new executive director can be difficult. However, DeBoda’s industry experience in public works engineering and operations in the public sector, and as a consulting engineer and contractor in the private sector, make him well-suited for leading NASSCO.

“I said at the time that accepting the position at NASSCO was a natural progression for me,” said DeBoda. “It is the next step in my contribution to helping the industry grow as a whole. I’ve been in this business my entire life, and I have a passion for the industry and the professionals involved in it. This is the next step for me to personally promote trenchless technologies on a national level. I am reconnecting with people both in the U.S. and internationally I’ve known through the years and making new contacts with industry experts who can help us all come together to move our industry forward. I have found that it would be impossible to succeed without these relationships.

“It’s very exciting to me.”

Previous executive director Irv Gemora remains active in a consulting roll through January and DeBoda said that Gemora, NASSCO Technical Director Gerry Muenchmeyer and Operations Manager Heather Myers have helped make the transition very efficient.

“Irv really does have his finger on the pulse of the industry, and my intention is to pick his brain as much as possible,” DeBoda said.

Immediately after coming on board at NASSCO, DeBoda said he was occupied with the release of Version 6.0 of PACP which includes MACP and LACP.

“With PACP essentially complete,” he continued, “we have focused on QA/QC reviews of MACP and LACP. Because MACP and LACP have a large amount of new material, we conducted a series of sessions with master trainers to make sure everyone was comfortable using it for training.”

At the same time, DeBoda said, NASSCO has been working with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and signed an agreement to conduct PACP training in Canada.

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