Rigonomics: Steering Tools Continue To Lead HDD Revolution

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9
A Horizontal Technologies probe is readied.

Horizontal Technology Inc., John English, president: We are a global horizontal directional drilling (HDD) company and supplier of a comprehensive range of HDD machines, drilling tools and equipment. We also provide HDD guidance services, HDD inspection and monitoring services, magnetic steering tools, wireless steering tools, down-hole pressure tools, high torque motors, tri-cone drill bits, rock reamers, PDC rock reamers, hole openers, PDC hole openers, under reamers, split bit reamers, drill pipe, non-magnetic collars, jetting assemblies and pipe rollers.

“What sets us apart,” said English, “is that we are not promoting one system over another. Our goal is to provide the best steering service available because that is what is most beneficial to the HDD industry. There is no alternative for training and experience, and we consider our professional guidance technicians the industry’s best.”

Inrock, Danny Crumpton, technical sales guidance manager: Inrock is recognized as a global leader in providing HDD performance drilling tools, equipment and services solely dedicated to the development of dynamic HDD. Inrock is a pioneer in HDD rock-drilling projects.

The ParaTrack 2 Steering System has many advantages, underground track, intersect technology, single wire and the ability to lay coil configurations out that previously were unthinkable. Operating cost is reduced because there is no need for welding machines and personnel. It also allows for deeper depths with better accuracy.

ParaTrack 2 allows the field engineer to lay surface coils out that are offset from the bore path, and having a return leg of the coil far away. Single-wire applications in specific job sites allow the engineer to lay out a coil quickly. The ParaTrack 2 system has successfully tracked bores to depths greater than 1,000 feet.

Sharewell, Steve Cornwall, vice president HDD sales and services: The cold truth about MGS wireline steering tools is they all have the same accuracy. What sets Sharewell apart from others is our personnel in the field operating steering systems for our customers. Experience is the key to any successful job, and we have some of the most experienced field people in the industry.

As HDD projects become more complicated and difficult, we will find ways to overcome the limitations of any steering system. Challenging projects force us to expand our abilities to meet the needs of our clients.

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