Rigonomics: Steering Tools Continue To Lead HDD Revolution

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9
A Horizontal Technologies probe is readied.

SlimDril International Inc., Jim Cloud, president: SlimDril offers both magnetic steering tools with magnetic tracking and the Drillguide gyro steering tool (GST).

At this time Slimdril International is the only company in the industry offering gyro steering tools. Drillguide GST sensors provide nearly continuous communication from downhole to the surface The GST accurately measures the azimuth and inclination which provides the drilling crew a real-time survey of the drilling progress and facilitates corrective steering actions when needed.

Drillguide software incorporates a bore planning component that works off of established GPS coordinates to enable the drilling crew to more precisely follow the designed bore-hole curvatures, especially important in congested rights-of-way and other sensitive locations where other technologies have difficulty achieving the required accuracy. SlimDril will continue to advance this technology, and make it the most accurate and feasible tool in the industry.

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