Robotic Cutters: Rehab Focus

August 2012, Vol. 67 No. 8
Aries Raptor lateral cutters

Robotic cutters from Aries Industries, CUES and Pipeline Renewal Technologies/Envirosight.

Aries Industries

The Aries Raptor lateral cutters are remotely controlled and can be adapted to most Aries CCTV systems or many other systems with very little down time. Aries cutters are available for pipe sizes from 3 to 24 inches. The Raptor Cutter is manufactured of stainless steel and bronze construction and is mechanically engineered for stable performance in 6- to 24-inch lines. A separate grinding head is provided for removing line deposits and protruding taps. Motor sizes include 0.7 and 1 Hp. The cutter controller is designed for operator convenience and multiple operations simultaneously via a single joystick operation. 800.234.7205,

CUES_rehab focus.jpg
CUES offers the Kangaroo Lateral Reinstatement Cutters for your relining and spot repair requirements. The cutter is rugged, water proof and built to withstand shock and vibration. The Kangaroo Cutters are equally effective in CIPP or fold and form liners and can be installed on any CCTV manufacturer’s truck-mounted system. Both cutter systems operate optimally with 1000-1500 feet of cable and include the Dual Cutter Controller. For more power, increased productivity, and a smoother cut, the small Kangaroo cutter now includes a 0.9 hp air motor that’s designed to operate in 6- to 12-inch relined pipes. Kits are available to retrofit existing units. Rebuild kits are also available for regular service intervals. Use in 8 inch through 12 inch diameter relined pipe. Recommended minimum air requirements are 38 cfm at 125 psi, 15,000 rpm, 6 hp. 800.327.7791,