Robotic Cutters: Rehab Focus

August 2012, Vol. 67 No. 8
Aries Raptor lateral cutters

Pipeline Renewal Technologies/Envirosight
Pipeline Renewal Tech_rehab focus.jpg
The Titan 150 reinstates laterals in 6- to 15-inch lines using a high powered air cutter. Delivering 1.75 hp at 12,000 rpm, the air-powered Titan 150 cuts most any pipe or liner material rapidly, cleanly and precisely. It interfaces directly with CUES controls, reducing the investment for owners of CUES equipment. Lightweight hose design allows the cutter to travel as far as 400 feet. With two-axis articulation, the cutter arm reaches up 9 inches and sweeps 400 degrees, and also performs horizontal front cutting. Variable-speed arm articulation and creeping ensures maximum cutting precision. An integral pan/tilt water-flushed color camera delivers real-time cutting footage. The Titan 150 accepts diamond-impregnated, hardened-steel Kardiam cutting bits, each delivering 75-100 hours of cutting, thanks to onboard water cooling. Hundreds of bit styles are available, with the more popular options shown here. 866.936.8476,