Robotic Tools For Video Inspections Of Live 12- 36-Inch Natural Gas Pipelines

By Angelo Fabiano, NYSEARCH/NGA; and Gregory Penza, ULC Robotics | January 2011 Vol. 66 No. 1
Small VGC – front view

The gas company members of NYSEARCH/NGA have identified and funded an important gas industry need. Large VGC, Small VGC and Pipeline Periscope provide the industry with a complete set of tools for obtaining high resolution video inspection for large diameter pipelines. Pipelines operators now have the ability to obtain reliable video inspection of their larger diameter pipelines during the pipeline rehabilitation planning stage. These video inspection systems have been laboratory and field proven to provide high resolution footage for low and high pressure pipelines up to 100 psig. They are designed to perform under no-blow live gas conditions (no gas being emitted to the atmosphere) and equipped to provide control monitoring, data recording, user manuals and operating procedures. All three video inspection systems are commercially available for sales or service through ULC Robotics.

NYSEARCH is a non-profit voluntary R&D organization serving 20 gas LDCs in North America that fund new technology development on a voluntary basis. Additional details are provided on NYSEARCH’s website Commercial literature and actual video displays can be found on the ULC Robotics website

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