Rock Tools: Equipment Spotlight

May 2013, Vol. 68 No. 5
Underground Tools Inc. manufactures heavy-duty rock trenching chains for all makes and models of trenchers.

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The Armor drilling system is now available in three sizes: small, medium and large for compatibility with drills ranging from 12,000 to 100,000 pounds of thrust/pullback. A modular configuration allows for easy bit change to adapt to varying ground conditions during a bore, helping eliminate the need to purchase multiple housings and tools for different applications and processes. The new 4.25-inch OD system is intended for use with the D60x90 through D100x140 Navigator HDD, the Ditch Witch JT100 and equivalently rated drills. A patent-pending advanced bit mounting design utilizes a solid pin for bit retention and for ease in bit interchangeability and maintenance. 888.837.6337,

Melfred Borzall
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The contoured design and carbide cutters make the Iron Fist ideal for cobblestone conditions. Front carbide cutters are positioned to allow the operator to “rock” the bit through rock and cobble. Compact carbide buttons are less likely to hang up on cobbles and are strategically placed to protect the edges of the steer face. The Iron Fist features wrench flats for easy removal, a built in check valve and ¼-inch recessed water holes to prevent clogging. 800.833.1252,

Bor-It Mfg.
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Heavy-Duty Rock Heads utilize a “V” shape to provide self-centering action which helps maintain line and grade. Featuring easily replaceable carbide tipped “bullet” style teeth, these heavy duty heads are ideal for boring through solid rock of medium hard formations. Head diameters range from 4 inches up to 72 inches and have a 1 1/8- to 5-inch Hex drive. 800.289.6639,