Rock Tools: Equipment Spotlight

May 2013, Vol. 68 No. 5
Underground Tools Inc. manufactures heavy-duty rock trenching chains for all makes and models of trenchers.

Railhead Underground Products
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The INCREDIBIT fractures rock in a random elliptical pattern allowing it to be productive in all kinds of soils and formations. Because of the “dancing” effect, the INCREDIBIT bores a larger hole than conventional bits. In most conditions, a 2 ¾-inch bit will cut approximately a 4-inch hole, a 3-inch bit will cut approximately a 5-inch hole, a 3 ½-inch bit will cut approximately a 6-inch hole, and a 4 1/8-inch bit will cut approximately an 8-inch hole. 888.313.7455,

Radius HDD

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Single Roller Cone Bits deliver enhanced steering, while a carbide-covered steering plate and additional carbide on the face delivers better grinding capabilities for your solid rock jobs. The 3000 Series Single Roller Cone Bit has a thread connection 2-inch IF pin and cutting size is 5 inches. 800.892.9114,


Kennametal’s line of cutting tools for directional drilling and drilling back reamers offer excellent cost savings, long tool life and outstanding impact strength in the most challenging drilling conditions. Buttons and compacts have rock-style heads made of durable carbide and are engineered for the hard daily punishment of drilling rock and concrete. Protect directional drilling back reamers from wear in abrasive conditions with the solid carbide tips and steel bodies on the welded-on teeth extend back reamer tool life. 800.835.3668,