Rock Tools: Equipment Spotlight

May 2012, Vol. 67 No. 5

Underground Tools Inc.
With information regarding the type of rock formation or the PSI of the rock, UTI builds hole openers specifically designed for the type of rock formation or the PSI of the rock. UTI can cut any type of thread connection and incorporate any type of built-in stabilizer option. Hole openers are available from 8-inch OD to 60-inch OD. All UTI products come with exclusive DirtSmart technical service where questions are answered by the industry’s most knowledgeable technical support team. 866.488-DIRT,

Bor-It Mfg.
For solid rock over 8,000 psi, Rollercone Heads are the ideal solution. Made from either carbide tips or button bits, these heads are built to handle your hardest rock bores. Rollercone Heads come standard with a hex adapter and stabilizer ring. Head diameters range from 4 to 72 inches and have a 1 5/8- to 5-inch Hex drive. 800.289.6639,

The Triple Tine Mechanical Grapple uses three points of contact to lift irregular shapes such as rock and field stone. Just hook a strap from the arm of your current machine to the lifting eye of the Triple Tine. Power is supplied by Kenco’s exclusive actuator, which allows the device to grab and release automatically. The actuator is housed inside the tube assembly for durability. The Triple Tine is available in models to handle capacities from 3000 to 12,000 pounds, with custom models also available. Height restrictions may apply. 800.653.6069,

Barbco Cutting Heads deliver a 100 percent cutting pattern, reducing drag and torque to your boring machine, maximizing control of line and grade. The BBC35 Flat Face Rock Head with a drift reducing ring features: replaceable bullet bits; wipers to remove cuttings; a replaceable shank; a changeable shank size; and a heavy duty base plate. 800.448.8934,