Root control

Root control by Duke’s Root Control and RootX.

Root Control Technology from Duke’s Root Control and RootX.

Duke’s Root Control

Root control products from Vaporooter, Duke's Root Control, RootX


Root control products from Duke's Root Control, RootX and Vaporooter.

Duke’s certified applicators use specialized equipment to fill the affected sewer pipe with thick herbicidal foam to control root infiltration.

Use your own municipal maintenance crews and equipment with RootX to kill pipeline roots--they can treat a 400-foot mainline in 30 minutes or less.

Vaporooter pioneered the chemical root control industry over 40 years ago to extend the useful life of sewer systems while eliminating maintenance costs.

Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor

The city of Huntsville, AL recently completed one of the largest sanitary sewer chemical root control projects in the country.

Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor

The popular RehabZone will again be a focal point at the annual UCT show (Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition) for information about pipeline rehabilitation.

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