SBUs, Auger Boring Equipment Play Critical Role In Pipeline Expansion

November 2008 Vol. 63 No. 11

T&D excavated the first crossing, measuring 260-feet long, in August 2008. The crossing was located under a major aqueduct and required a very long bore pit, measuring 20-feet deep by 60-feet wide by 150- feet long, so the crew could weld 80-foot sections of pipe at the surface and speed up excavation time.

“We did great on the first crossing, only replacing two cutters, which is very good in this abrasive type of ground. For the second bore we added a set of grill bars to keep any large boulders from passing through the head into the auger string. Everything has been working very well,” said Vandyke. As of October, T&D is working on its second 310-foot long crossing, which should take about three weeks working 12 hour shifts, six days per week. The second crossing is also under a major aqueduct and requires an equally long bore pit at 32-feet deep by 60-feet wide by 150 feet long. T&D has plans for two more bores, also under aqueducts, which should be completed by December 2008.

Twenty SBU A crossings were also excavated beginning in March 2008 under Price Gregory Services, with similar advance rates of 10 to 12-feet per hour through lava rock and granite. The bores ranged from 80 feet to 300 feet, and were finished by summer 2008. The contractor was also responsible for laying over 100 miles of the pipeline, using 42-inch diameter, epoxy coated steel pipe in 10-foot deep trenches. The entire pipeline is required to have a minimum 3.5 feet of cover, with some sections going even deeper beneath existing utility lines. All work on the pipeline and two underground compressor stations is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.

Price Gregory Services was established in January 2008 with the merger of two prominent pipeline contractors – H.C. Price Company of Dallas and Gregory & Cook Construction of Houston. Price Gregory Services is now based out of Houston and provides a variety of services for oil and gas pipeline projects.

Rockford Corporation was founded in 1967 in Alaska as a pipeline contractor. The company has been based out of Hillsboro, OR, since 1990. Rockford owns a sizable fleet of pipeline equipment including sidebooms, lowboys, service trucks, skids and mats to perform large and small diameter pipeline work in all types of terrain.

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