Science Of Mud, Systems In HDD Ops

March 2012, Vol. 67 No. 3

Maintenance includes weekly greasing of pump bearing packs and general cleaning of the unit. The cones and screens on the reclaimer need continuous on the job maintenance, according to Heinen.

“For Vermeer systems and reclaimers, make sure the shaker screens are consistently wet. And as soon as you see blinding or blocking, use a power sprayer to make sure that those screens are functioning properly. Desander and desilter cones are wear items. You can visually see if they’re working properly. If the discharge isn’t consistent across all of the cones, or if fluid comes out like soft serve ice cream, something is not working properly and the system requires attention.”

These maintenance tips are generally universal for any HDD and mud system, regardless of manufacturer, capacity or size. However, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance manual for proper instructions. Proper planning before an HDD job and vigilance during the operation will help to ensure a successful bore.

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