SDT’s Enhanced GIS Overlay System Offers Telecom Opportunities, Benefits

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | February 2012, Vol. 67 No. 2

GIS requirements vary with each job. Ezell says SDT evaluates the needs of each client and project to determine the best scenario for cost and productivity efficiency to determine what technologies need to be brought into the project. Not every job requires the low level aerial data capture. Some may require a mobile, truck-mounted data capture. A project may or may not require LIDAR and/or orthophotography. Once the project is reviewed, the options and pricing can be established for the client to make the final choice.

“We are excited about opportunities to partner with our competitors in a design-build scenario where we can be the design partner on the project utilizing the GIS processes and capabilities we’ve developed in conjunction with our business partners,” Ezell concludes.

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Building SDT’s GIS System

To develop its GIS design/build system and the process for executing it, Southern Diversified Technologies drew from its widely diverse capabilities in construction, disaster readiness and restoration to engineering, aerial surveillance and web based data support.

“In the past,” said SDT President James Ezell, “we had utilized various aerial data capture technologies for disaster surveillance and web-based reporting in order to develop route feasibility and detailed design services for large scale construction projects. SDT was asked to provide a quick field analysis of a large scale network build and began exploring ways to do this more efficiently than using past processes. Utilizing all of the pieces from our past experience and deploying technology used in various other industries, we came up with a plan. The plan entailed the use of many elements ultimately incorporated in our GIS system: helicopters, LIDAR, orthophotography, GIS and existing data overlays and thus Aerial Data Capture was born for the application of telecommunications mapping to a more detailed level than offered before.”

The presentation was impressive and its cost was comparable to convention methods, said Ezell, but the out-of-the-box, new way of doing things was not one that this client was comfortable with at that time. GIS processes are now a fixture in SDT’s turnkey and stand-alone engineering service offerings. SDT currently is utilizing these new processes and technologies on large scale turn-key fiber-to-the-cell site deployments.

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