Sekisui Expands Product Line-Up

October 2010 Vol. 65 No. 10

Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC has developed equipment for installing spiral-wound pipe inside damaged or deteriorating host pipe without the need for personnel to enter the pipe.

Lining old pipes with spiral-wound pipe is a proven method of trenchless rehabilitation that is used worldwide. Until now in the United States, installing SPR profile spiral-wound pipe has been a man-entry process, limiting its application to pipes large enough to accommodate personnel.

The new SPR installation process has changed that, said Jonathan Vaccaro, business development manager, Sekisui SPR Americas. The new installation method employs a patented process in which a winding machine is positioned at the base of an existing manhole or access point to the host pipe and then spirally winds monolithic panels of PVC into the host pipe to form a continuous, low-weight, watertight liner with high stiffness.


“It is a cost-efficient method for the trenchless rehabilitation of pipe infrastructure in diameters ranging from 18 to 42 inches,” said Vaccaro. “It offers many advantages over other rehabilitation methods with minimal impact on the environment.”

Three product lines
There are three Sekisui spiral wound pipe product lines: SPR, SPR PE and SPR EX: