Selecting Correct Shielding, Shoring

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | April 2014, Vol. 69 No. 4

“One of the biggest challenges in underground utility construction,” he emphasized, “is crossing and working parallel to utilities already in place. Some equipment is designed to accommodate in-place utilities. Using methods taught by the manufacturer’s representatives, common systems such trench shields and hydraulic shoring can be efficiently deployed to accommodate and support utilities in conflict.”

Contractors play an active role is selecting the correct shielding and shoring for their projects, said Ross.
“Generally,” he said, “a project’s consulting engineers do not dictate means and methods of construction. The contractor is encouraged to use the most efficient method while staying within the limits of the specifications. The assigned competent person is often tasked with that responsibility.”

Based in Mason, MI, Efficiency Production manufactures trench boxes, slide rail systems, aluminum trench boxes. trench shoring, excavation support equipment and manhole shields.

In addition, Efficiency Production has engineering capabilities to alter tabulated data for specific sites as well as other site-specific engineering services.

The company also has a Special Operations Shoring Division staffed by personnel in underground construction and management. This division can provide efficient rental or purchase shoring recommendations for projects in the United States and specifications and geo-technical reports. During a project, the division can provide on-site technical assistance.

“Late in 2013, Efficiency Production introduced for field trial the Build-A-Box Panel Guide Frame,” Ross said. “Development is complete and the equipment now is available in North America. This system uses a waler connected to the inside front of a standard Build-A-Box to install one-foot-wide corrugated aluminum sheets around crossing utilities near bottom of excavations to allow fast and safe excavating around the conflict and easy closure of space around crossed utility.

Efficiency Production

Types Of Shielding, Shoring

Whether a small trench box or large slide rail system for large excavations, shielding and shoring systems are available today for most types of utility excavations. This overview of basic products was summarized from information provided by Efficiency Production.

Steel trench shields, boxes

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