Sensor System Records CIPP Temperature Readings During Installation

First Look
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | November 2010, Vol. 65 No. 11

“Temperature readings are taken every three seconds in real-time and can be sent wirelessly by miniature radio transmitters to an on-site computer with proprietary Zia CIPP Intelligence System (CIPPI) software,” Conte explains. “The temperature readings can also be sent to on-site smart-phones such as an iPhone. For operators, sensor data helps improve process control and quality assurance. Knowing the temperature every 20 feet or less will help reduce the risk of curing failure. Software also allows the addition of other pertinent project information. The data also can be uploaded to a web-server for aggregation and customer reporting.”

Based in Galloway, OH, Zia Systems specializes in integrating wireless technologies that enable customers to remotely monitor and control assets. Zia's founders and management team have a successful history of using global positioning satellite (GPS) and cellular technologies to track assets in the transportation, construction, energy and homeland security market sectors.

Conte says the CIPP temperature sensing system is Phase 1 of Zia’s entry into the utility market. Phase 2 will have enhancements to further insure the quality of CIPP installation process.

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