Sewer Inspector Training Comes Of Age

With Success of CIPP Inspector Training, NASSCO Launches Programs For Manholes, Pipe Bursting
May 2013, Vol. 68 No. 5

The success of CIPP ITCP has brought development of two additional Inspection and certification training programs: Manhole Rehabilitation ITCP was launched the first of this year, and Pipe Bursting ITCP’s first classes are scheduled to begin later in 2013.

NASSCO is a national association composed of several hundred member organizations representing sewer and rehabilitation industry manufacturers and suppliers, municipalities and utility districts, engineers and contracting firms dedicated to establishing and implementing standards for rehabilitation of underground utilities. Muenchmeyer also is president of Muenchmeyer Associates, consulting engineers. NASSCO executive director is Ted DeBoda, P.E. The association’s offices are in Owings Mills, MD. Information about NASSCO programs is available on its web site ( or by calling (410) 486-3500.

What ITCP Students Say About the Program

Student reaction to NASSCO ITCP training is an important element in evaluating the effectiveness of the program. Several representative comments follow:

• “One of the best courses I have ever taken!” --Dean Dashiell, Senior Project Manager, Ocean City, MD
• “The course was very informative. I had inspected one small project prior and was amazed at the amount I learned at the course.” --Tanner Bakke, Bonestroo Engineers, St Cloud, MN
• “The course is very thorough; you won’t leave being less than 100 percent qualified for field inspection.” --Russell Mathews, W.T Harrison Enterprises, Washington Grove, MD
• “I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed the Inspector Training and Certification Program for the Inspection of Cured-In-Place-Pipe Installation. The manual has great resources and some truly helpful visuals and you presented the information very clearly.” --Aaron Yonkers, Wallace Group, San Luis Obispo, CA
• “One of the things identified as ‘what went right’ was the inspector training that the Sacramento Area Sewer District coordinated for the inspection, owner and design teams to attend prior to the beginning of the Central Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project. It gave our team an understanding of the characteristics a quality liner would possess and how to test for them. It also gave our team confidence in being able to determine the quality of the installed product. The project was accepted by our board last May and has won seven awards so far.” --Amber Parmer, Sacramento Area Sewer District, Sacramento, CA.

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