Sherborne Sensors Keeps ZED Tunnel Guidance On Target

April 2011 Vol. 66 No. 4

“One of the deciding factors in our selection of Sherborne Sensors’ T233 was that by having two inclinometers housed in a single casing, we were able to locate both the inclinometer and the optical sensor within a single target device and avoid having a separate casing for each,” continues Lowe. “This made things easier for us as it saves on a lot of cabling, and reduces the ‘box count’ of the system, which in turn makes it more cost effective and less complicated to build. And if there is less cabling employed in the configuration of the system, then inherently there is more reliability.”

According to Lowe, despite the hostile environments in which they are employed, Sherborne Sensors’ T233 inclinometers are regularly providing more than the average two-years of functional life. He also confirms that the savings made relating to calibration have been substantial. “Although the cost of purchasing the inclinometers is similar to that of manufacturing our own, the savings we have realized are significant – approximately 50 percent – when factoring in the labor costs of the calibration we had to undertake previously,” he says. Lowe also highlights that the modularity of Zed Tunnel Guidance systems has been enhanced, since the transducer unit can be swapped-out within 30 minutes.

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