Sherman & Reilly Launch ‘Revolution’

First Look
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | December 2011, Vol. 66 No. 12

Sherman & Reilly, long a leading manufacturer of equipment for installing power and communications cable, has introduced the first models of its new Revolution Series, a generation of equipment focusing on safety, ergonomics and efficiency.

Two of the first four new Revolution models primarily apply to power cable construction -- the smallest unit can be used for electrical cable and short runs of communications cable, including fiber optic cable, and one larger model is designed primarily for underground installations of both power and communications cable.

Several Revolution Series models are now available.

The CP-50 is a short-range powered capstan puller for pulling secondary wire from the primary to the meter base. Weighing 40 pounds, the CP-50 is easily portable and can be set up and operated by one person. Fully self contained, no external power source is required. The unit produces 500 pounds pulling force at 70 feet per minute (fpm).

The HPLW-1004 is an hydraulically-powered four-drum pilot line winder/puller that develops a maximum of 1,000 pounds of line pull on each drum, each equipped with an aluminum-bronze disc payout brake. Rope comes in four different colors for ease of identification during stringing operations. The deck rotates 360 degrees, locking every 15 degrees. The single-axel trailer is easily maneuverable and four independent outriggers with drop-pin jacks secure the unit for pulling. The Safe-Zone Cab (see sidebar for details) rotates with the turret and allows the operator to remain off the ground at all times during operation.

The T2608 is a transmission-class bullwheel tensioner for deployment of conductors for 230 to 345KV installations. The unit has two pairs of 60-inch, five groove bullwheels with 8,000 pounds maximum tensioning of each conductor. Each bullwheel has its own planetary gearbox and hydraulic motor with spring applied hydraulic release brake. A Continuous-cast bullwheel liner assures continuous conductor support for minimum stress on conductors and maximizes liner life. Dual-axel, I-beam trailer provides stability and durability under rough conditions and is designed for fast set-up and low maintenance. The T2608 is equipped with a Safe-Zone Cab.

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