Sherman & Reilly Launch ‘Revolution’

First Look
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | December 2011, Vol. 66 No. 12

The U7500 is a bullwheel puller for underground installation of conductor and optical communications cable. The U7500 has a single platform modular design with the choice of 7,500- or 10,000-pound pulling capacity. Powered by a 35-horsepower, liquid-cooled diesel engine, hydraulically-driven twin capstan bullwheels provide smooth, controlled, reliable pulls. The transmission has two forward speeds plus reverse to meet demand payout for flexibility and power and elimination of overspin of cable storage reels and time-consuming cable tangles that can result. The hydraulically-positioned extendable boom with 170-degree swing arc facilitates pulling from underground pad-mounted transformers and other tight openings. A video-boom camera assists the operator in positioning the boom. The U7500 has a Safe-Zone Cab.

New approach
Michael Dunn, Sherman & Reilly chairman and chief executive officer, says the Revolution Series is so named because it represents a revolutionary approach to product design applied to cable pulling and stringing equipment.

“We’ve taken an observational science approach in developing designs for these new products,” he explained. “By observing how equipment functions, and how users operate it, and studying safety history involving cable pulling and stringing, points of focus emerged that we then addressed. Watching people work told us a lot.”

Dunn notes that most every type of construction equipment has an operator’s enclosure or work station, and that other manufacturers recognize that operator comfort leads to greater output and improved quality of work, in addition to safety factors.

“We learned that for safety with cable pulling equipment, we needed to get operators off the ground,” said Dunn. “Yet, observations revealed that often even with machines that had an operator’s seat, operators often still stood on the ground and reached back to the machine’s controls. Revolution Series models feature a new Safe Zone Cab with full electronics, everything digital, full diagnostic capabilities and attention to ergonomics in an area insulated from weather with comfortable seats.”

Common features of the Revolution Series include trailers with low centers of gravity to improve on-the-road stability and maneuverability on job sites. Products within families may be upgraded with new features and capabilities, extending usable life and equipment budgets, and the revolutionary Safe-Zone Cab.

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