Show Us The Money

By Robert Carpenter | December 2008 Vol. 63 No. 12

The directional drilling firm was one of many who started up during the telecom boom of the late 90s. Though the owners freely admit they struggled early to complete projects due to inexperience, unlike many of the fly-by-night contractors who jumped into the sizzling HDD market to make a quick buck, Bore-Tek was committed to the long haul. They learned their craft well and were flexible enough to diversify into the public works market so that when telecom crashed, the company stayed afloat and even prospered.

But right on the eve of a signature project, tragedy struck. Refusing to buckle, the employees persevered. Today, the company is celebrating success while remembering just what it took to get there. In an industry full of great stories, this is one of the most touching.