Significance Of Dewatering Can’t Be Overlooked

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | February 2011, Vol. 66 No. 2

Rain for Rent has been providing solutions for complete liquid handling solutions since 1934. Rain for Rent’s staff includes experienced professionals that can design and install a system that will provide a solution for each customer's unique project in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Solutions, be it water filtration system or dewatering system, can be tailored for a specific industry job site, from the simplest liquid-handling solution to the most complex, large flow bypass pumping job.

With more than 90 locations nationwide and international operations in Europe, Canada and Mexico, BakerCorp designs and constructs dewatering systems among many specialized services, including bypass pumping and excavation shoring. In addition to the utility market, BakerCorp provides integrated services for general construction, oil and gas, industrial services, environmental remediation, and many other markets.

“Dewatering is necessary at any point where the water will impede the progress of the project,” said Carroll Hunnewell, BakerCorp eastern regional pump manager.“Excavations should be ‘ground dry,’ and our locations can supply the equipment and expertise needed for a multitude of dewatering applications.”

A typical system, said Hunnewell, will include smaller lower head higher volume units within the tunnel system that typically feed larger higher head units to pump to the surface. Surface water will either be contained and treated on site or fed into a local municipal treatment system.

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“While the general contractors is responsible for dewatering the site,” Hunnewell said, “most often they will rely on a dewatering company for their expertise in developing a system, because the specialist most often will understand the soil dynamics, hydraulic composition of the soil as well as the best methods to efficiently dewater the site.”

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