Slide Rail System Provides Shoring For Locks

September 2013, Vol. 68 No. 9

The problem
After hauling and barging over 393,000 pounds of equipment to the job-site, the Bacco crew began the pilot cut for the Slide Rail System with a Cat 345 excavator. That is when a problem occurred.

According to Matt Carpenter, Bacco project foreman, the site plans showed an existing electrical cable at the dig entry, but instead they encountered a concrete duct bank housing several, large electrical lines. This would change plans for installing the slide rail system and how they would support the duct bank that spanned the entire width of the planned excavation.

Carpenter called Pro-Tec Equipment to discuss their options. “We confirmed our plans of using a large I-beam to support the duct bank the entire width of the system and how to maneuver and install slide rail panels above and below the duct bank with the engineer. Once we got the ‘OK’, we got the equipment loaded and sent up to the job-site the next day,” he added.

With all the major problems resolved, the Slide Rail System was installed. As with many of Pro-Tec Equipment’s Slide Rail projects, a Slide Rail site consultant is sent to the project to aid crews with installing and removing the Slide Rail System in the fastest and safest possible way. For the Sault Locks project, the site consultant was Carl Leonard.

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