Slide Rail System Speeds UV Waterline Construction

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | October 2009 Vol. 64 No. 10

One portion of the project called for a segment of nine foot diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) in tight, deep areas. ICON, East Brunswick, NJ, designed and provided a triple slide rail system that met the needs and criteria of the project to install this pipe to a maximum depth of 25 feet.

"Installation requires a smaller crew with components put in place and removed by an excavator," says David Crandall, ICON vice president. "Modular design provides flexibility and maximum use on a variety of jobs. There is no need for interior walers or beams, which allows for more working room and ease while digging. Slide rail systems allow multiple operations to be performed simultaneously to expedite work. We find slide rail systems can lower shoring costs from 30 to 60 percent compared to conventional systems."

ICON also provided the site specific engineered drawings, calculations and New York Professional Engineered stamps for submittal and approval through D.H. Charles Engineering, Santa Rosa, CA. The system was provided on a rental basis to SEW and was delivered on February 2009 along with a qualified field technician who was on site for the installation and kept a continuing presence on the project afterwards, working with the crew and to ensure effective operation of the system.

"Because the contractor would install 20 foot sections of concrete pipe," says Crandall. "We had to design the system accordingly by using 20, 1/2 foot long lining plates for the required horizontal clearance and strong triple rail with large bracing for the 15 foot cantilever required under the bottom brace of the system. This would provide proper clearance for the pipe crew."

Crane adds weight
ICON also took into consideration the 275-ton crane that would be lowering the massive concrete pipes into the trench. The crane was also located in close proximity to the trench. This amount of weight added additional load and deflection on the side walls of the system. ICON was able to overcome this issue due to their slide rail design that offers large rails made out of high grade steel and solid wall panels designed to withstand additional loads.

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