Slide Rail System Speeds UV Waterline Construction

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | October 2009 Vol. 64 No. 10

"ICON is no stranger to large concrete pipe jobs," says Richard Odierna, New York Shoring Consultant for ICON. "The section of the slide rail system itself was a six-bay, triple-slide rail trench, that was 130-feet long, 32-feet wide and 20-feet deep, and was designed in combination with benching and sloping to handle the overburden that would be encountered in certain areas. Also, ICON supplied the contractor with extra rail pairs for handling curves and turns in the pipe run."

Odierna was responsible for the collaborative effort and coordination between the two agencies to carry out this challenging underground operation.

Installation of the 10 foot OD concrete segments was completed in the late summer of 2009.

"Compared with other systems considered for this project, ICON's slide rail system proved to be the best not only from an engineering standpoint but field technical support as well. If the need arises, given the choice, I wouldn't think twice about using this system again," says Mark Giordano, superintendent. for SEW construction.

Icon provides slide rail systems on a turnkey basis for projects, from start to finish, including pre bid consultation, design, rental, sale or lease with field training.


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