Slide Rail Systems Offer Cost-Effective Trench Safety Option

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | April 2010 Vol. 65 No. 4

“We believe the most important feature Pro-Tec equipment offers is service. We provide CAD drawings of systems, site-specific engineering if needed, and factory installers when necessary to ensure that the system gets put in place and removed in the safest, fastest most economical way possible.

“Recent projects of interest include shoring a 30-by-35-foot, 24-foot deep excavation adjacent to a pond. Were it not for the slide rail system’s ability to enable excavation and spoil removal from the bottom up, there would have been no way to complete the project other than tight sheeting which would have increased costs two to three times.

“For an excavation 15-by-20 feet and 20-feet deep to remove a section of damaged pipe and manhole, slide rails reduced time to complete the project by two to four days, compared to conventional shields or tight sheeting.”

Speed Shore, Steve Schulz, national sales manager
: “As do other shoring and shielding products, slide rail systems have specific applications such as when a project requires there be little or no ground movement outside the excavation. As acceptance increases, slide rail systems are being used more frequently instead of driven sheeting or beam and plate systems. Benefits of slide rail systems include ease of installation and removal with much less vibration, more accommodating for backfill lifts and, in most cases, smaller excavator or equipment can be used.

“Differences in systems available are mostly in linear applications, the maximum width that can be obtained with pipe clearance and different levels of workmanship and materials.

“Speed Shore slide rails have always been built for tough service and have evolved to incorporate features built into the rails and panels that provide long service life.

“Interesting recent projects in Louisiana have utilized the Speed Shore linear system to widths exceeding 30 feet with the ability to assemble parallel struts at the excavation, rather than having to assemble rails and struts together and then having to move them to the excavation.”

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