Slowdown Prompts Omaha Contractor To Explore Geothermal

March 2011, Vol. 66 No. 3

“Adding ground geothermal systems installations to our menu of offerings has expanded our business and allowed us to provide a greater breadth of services to a whole new market,” he says. “Doing so has helped to flatten the peaks and valleys of our workload and also created a more consistent stream of revenue for us.”

And the future for this renewable form of heating and cooling looks bright. “I think there’s a lot of growth yet to come for ground source heat pumps, especially since we seem to be lagging a bit behind some surrounding states,” Schmitt says. “I suppose there are a lot of contractors that are avoiding geothermal systems loop installations because they are scared of it. We hope to share with them what we’ve learned and possibly open up a lot of avenues for our peers to explore along the way. We plan to get more aggressive with marketing and expect the acceptance and growth to follow.”

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