Solutions For Lateral Rehab

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | October 2010 Vol. 65 No. 10

“In recent times,” said NASSCO’s Muenchmeyer, “some municipalities, particularly in areas served by regional treatment facilities, have taken legal steps to allow them to repair lateral sewers and thereby reduce infiltration and subsequent flow to the regional facility. The reduced costs associated with these flow reductions more than justified the cost or the lateral sewer repair or replacement by the municipality.”

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Setting an Example
The city of Avalon on Catalina Island off the coast of California provides a good example of how a progressive city can address the issue of failing laterals, said Gil Carroll, Applied Felts director of business development.

Following discovery that the waters of Avalon Bay were polluted to levels unhealthy by human standards, the city had to determine the causes of the pollution and determine how to correct them. A study of the city’s sewer system was a priority.

On Catalina Island, wastewater was being flushed into sewer laterals and main lines using salt water, and video inspections of laterals revealed that the salt water had corroded the laterals. In addition, a majority of the laterals were broken or cracked, causing wastewater from the homes in Avalon to enter the groundwater system.

“Even though the homeowners were considered the responsible parties,” said Carroll, “the city made the decision to fund the relining of virtually every lateral. They went down entire streets and relined laterals in the all of the Flats area of Avalon. Even though the state of California had cut off funding, the city of Avalon made the decision to move forward in the best interest of its residents and visitors.”

Carroll said the Catalina Island project clearly demonstrates that when someone takes responsibility for the health of lateral pipes, the rehabilitation process moves along quickly and efficiently.

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