Solving Stray Current Mitigation In Portland’s Rail System

By Aaron Eder, P.E. | August 2014, Vol. 69, No. 8
Rendering of the Portland-Milwaukie light rail system. (photo courtesy of TriMet)

Maintaining business and pedestrian access was critical to the success of the project. TriMet has been working closely with its contractors to speed the pace of construction and ensure that customers always have access to businesses. Crews worked in three to 5-block work zones for up to eight weeks, and then moving to the next work zone, ensuring that construction impacts were minimized.

This innovative engineering project provides a water system that will not impact LRT operations during routine or emergency utility maintenance. Further, the project provides cathodic protection from stray electric currents common with LRT projects. Measures were taken to reduce the construction duration and cost while minimizing the impacts to downtown businesses and their respective customers.

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