Staged Reconstruction Of A Major Interceptor Without Service Interruption

Rehabilitation Of The Oakland Macomb Interceptor Drain
By Harry Price, Fritz Klingler and Mike McMahon | November 2012, Vol. 67, No. 11
Shaft Number 6, north side of flume installed

Segment 2
Once the Segment 1 flow control was completed and tested, work was started on the design to prepare the Edison Corridor Interceptor (ECI) and a portion of the Oakland Arm Interceptor (OAI) for future repairs. Based on the Segment 1 hydraulic testing and additional modeling, the need to modify the pump station at the downstream end of the ECI was identified. The existing pumps at the pump station were not suitable to fully dewater the lower portion of the ECI. Accordingly, part of the Segment 2 work included the installation of an additional large pump capable of dewatering the downstream portion of the ECI and upgrading a small pump to maintain the lowered sewage level within the pump station wet well.

There have been three major collapses on the former Oakland Macomb Interceptor System, two on the Romeo Arm Interceptor, now part of the Macomb Interceptor System and one at the upper end of the ECI. These failures all resulted from soil fines being washed into the interceptor through cracks as small as 0.01 inch. The purpose of Segment 2 of the restoration program is to seal running and gushing leaks and to stabilize loose soils adjacent to the interceptor that were identified through the use of surface geophysical testing and confirmed by a geotechnical investigation.

As a part of the contract documents for Segment 2, the specifications included detailed information on how to use the new flow control devices to control or store sewage flows to accomplish the grouting work from within the interceptor. The work under Segment 2 was issued as OMID Contract 3.

Engineering work is presently in process for Segment 3 of the OMID repairs. Work under this segment will involve the relining of selected portions of the ECI and part of the downstream portion of the OAI

Harry R. Price, P.E., F. SAME, Principal Engineer, NTH Consultants
Fritz Klingler, P.E. is the principal engineer with FK Engineering Associates
Mike McMahon is a senior engineering manager for the office of the office of John McCullough, Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner, Waterford, MI

NTH Consultants Ltd., Detroit, MI, (800) 736- 6842,
FK Engineering Associates, (313) 218-9961,

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