Surviving The South Texas Pipeline Boom -- Profitably

May 2012, Vol. 67 No. 5

“We had to avoid the large oak trees, which was difficult in some of the more heavily-wooded areas,” says Duncan. “You can imagine the network of roots extending out from a century-old oak tree. Large oaks are pretty valuable to the property owners, so we tried to lessen the impact as much as we could. Obviously there were many trees that were in the direct line of the trench that had to be removed. It was tough having to take those out.”

Soil, mulch combo proves beneficial
The unavoidable removal of mature trees and tons of brush led Duncan’s crews to create a soil/mulch combination that ultimately proved beneficial. By grinding the downed trees and brush, then mixing the mulch with the topsoil that was then land-applied, Advanced Pipeline was able to incorporate an eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable approach for disposing of the wood waste as an organic soil amendment.

“The approach helped lessen the emotional impact of having to remove so many trees,” says Duncan. “The soil-mulch combination will, over time, help to enrich the soil by introducing an organic additive that actually helps to improve soil quality. It’s been a good job for us, in a good part of the world; and we really couldn’t ask for a better client. It will be a good project for us to have under our belt, and also one that proves you don’t have to underbid a job just to get work. There’s really no point to that approach.”

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