Sustainable, Long-Term Solution For MIC/SRB Corrosion In Hydrocarbon, Other Pipeline Systems

By Kent Weisenberg | July 2010 Vol. 65 No. 7
The MIC/SRB corrosion was a severe problem.

The completion of the project was both on schedule and effective. The client’s initial solicitation for Inspar services followed 19 progressive perforations over a nine-month period. Since the installation of the Inspar lining, there have been zero reported pipeline incidents in this system. Inspar has since been issued a global master service agreement, completed the second phase of this project with the same success, and is expected to complete the third phase in 2011.

These continual innovations in apparatuses, methods, and lining products allow Inspar to offer state of the art, permanent anti-microbial protection. With the ability to pre-treat and change the metals’ molecular structure and to utilize BioLine in all Inspar’s polyurea formulations, MICs and SRBs no longer need to be a continual and costly threat to pipeline environments.

Kent Weisenberg is the founder, president and CEO of Inspar Robotic Technologies.

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