Sweeping Changes Benefit DCA Members

The Last Word
By Robert G. Darden, CAE, CMP, Executive Vice President, DCA | May 2013, Vol. 68 No. 5
Rob Darden.

Government Relations/Advocacy – After being dormant for a number of years, the Government Relations Committee became an active working committee in 2009. A section of the monthly DCA eNews is dedicated to keeping the members informed of the latest legislative activities in the pipeline industry. In the past year, DCA has become an active advocate in Washington, DC, with the assistance of Eben Wyman of Wyman Associates. DCA has joined several coalitions in Washington such as the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) and is working with government entities such as PHMSA and other agencies to better understand, modify and promote regulations that help its members and the industry. The association now produces a monthly government relations newsletter, DCA INSIGHTS, highlighting governmental issues affecting DCA members.

Education – DCA has increased its focus on providing cutting edge education to the members, both at DCA and industry events. The focus of the DCA Education Committee is to help identify topics and speakers of interest to the members of DCA. The committee also helps coordinate DCA sessions for conferences such as UCT (Underground Construction Technology) and ICUEE. In 2011, DCA created and implemented the first annual Professional Development Conference (PDC). The PDC is aimed at middle management within DCA member companies, with a focus on best practices, business finance and operations, management and leadership. The program’s objective is to enhance the business skills and acumen of attendees and help them see the bigger picture of the business.