Tackling The Big Jobs: World’s Largest Auger Boring Machine Finds Plenty Of Work In Canada

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2012, Vol. 67 No. 9

The longer of the two bores was done first. Bachand said set-up required three to four days for each bore, including pouring concrete floors of the entry pits. The auger boring machine with pusher, accessories and track requires two semi-trailer trucks to transport.

Although auger boring machines have evolved over the years, the basic process is the same as it was four decades ago: the ABM bores through the earth with rotating augers carrying spoil from the hole. As the bore progresses, pipe is installed a joint at a time.

For these bores, said Bachand, 20-foot joints of Permalok steel pipe were used. The Permalok interlocking pipe joining system has pre-installed precision joint connections which are quickly and easily mated during field construction, greatly speeding production.

“We used an Akkerman pilot tube guided boring system to install a 24-inch pilot bore on exact line and grade and attached the 69-inch pipe to the 24-inch using a ‘spider’,” Bachand said.

Both bores were installed on precise line and grade from entry to exit. Soil conditions were marine silt and clay.

“Production averaged 30-feet per shift, including taking the extra step of welding connections,” Bachand said. “Because of noise restrictions, we worked one shift per day. Spoil came out in a slurry which was put in hoppers, hoisted out of the entry pit and deposited in a mud pit for hauling away to a dump site.

“Start to finish, the shorter bore was completed in 16 days, the longer one required 26 days.”

Stable production
American Augers says the 84/96-1800’s low centerline and wide stance provide stability. The machine locks securely to the track without hook rollers. A 10-speed transmission adjusts torque to varying soil conditions while the clutch is hydraulically assisted for easy operation. American Augers’ Quik Split frame design allows the machine to be separated into sections to accommodate lighter and faster lifts into and out of the bore pit, and aids the operator in being able to facilitate machine positioning.

The exclusive American Augers Quik Tran fast return system provides easier and faster machine operation.

Next up for the big machine is a 200-foot long, 72-inch drive for a utility crossing under several railway tracks in a nearby city,

Established in 1976, Kamloops Augering & Boring operates throughout Western Canada. In addition to auger boring, the company is experienced in guided boring, horizontal directional drilling, rock boring, pipe bursting, pneumatic pipe ramming, utility tunnel/pipe jacking and horizontal pile driving.

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